Thursday, April 28, 2016

Post # 16 nicholas samaras

Nicholas Samaras

Nicolas is an amazing underwater photographer his love with the ocean and the creatures that inhabit it along with his passion for photography come together to make an amazing pictures. 



Post #15 Janae Shields

Janae Shields

 Jane started taking pictures with the camera her grandpa gave her and she fell in love with it so much she enrolled in a visual arts high school and from then on it was a wrap and she has won awards for her portraits as well as wedding shots.


Post # 14 Christian Aslund

Christian Aslund

Is a photographer from Sweden who won an professional award for his shots that he took in Hong Kong. It was a 2D platform game tribute photo shoot. He took these shots from skyscrapers with a telephoto lens


Post # 13 Timothy Hogan

Timothy Hogan

Tim is a still life photographer as well as cinema photography his latest series of pictures is a combination of his love for surfing and taking pictures. He called it the fin project

Post #12 Lee Jeffries

Lee Jeffries 

Is a British lad who discovered that shooting sports wasn't as interesting as the homeless. His work is of the homeless in the US and the UK. 




His work in black and white is stunning

Post # 11 manny librodo

Manny Librodo

"With my passion for teaching and photography, I focused on sharing my experiences and knowledge through my workshops which have taken place globally." Librodo said in an interview



Post #10 phil borges

Phil Borges 

Started photography later in life when he was in dental school and started taking shots of people around the hate and ashbury streets and really loved what he captured. Since then he really liked to take pictures on his travel adventures and that's when he started to get noticed. After his trip to Tibet and the amazing portraits he captured.